Gram & Pop Bylancik - RMSano



John Andrew Bylancik ...

Born 2/24/1885 or 1888, Albany, NY

...there was a story about him having diapers stick to the floor during the 1888 blizzard.

Died on 3/28/1972...buried in Our Lady of Angels Cemetery, Albany,NY

His father was...John Bylancik.(Belonzik or Bylanchik) 1859-1913. born in Czechoslovakia

His mother was Catherine Green(Gerunka). 1855-1914 born in Czechoslovakia

Married @St.Casimir's in Albany 6/16/1915 to Clara Frances Gardner(Ogrodowski)

Clara Frances Gardner(Ogrodowski )

Born 8/7/1892. Albany, NY

Died 10/15/1973 buried in Our Lady of Angels Cemetery

Her father was Stanislas Ogrodowski. 1850-1908 born in Warsaw, Poland

Her mother was Rosalie Sianowski 1860-1941 born in Warsaw, Poland

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