Bobby, Jane Ann, Jackie,<br />
Patty, Dickie, Patty, Mary Ann, Billy

I'll try for a few immediately memorable random accounts:

Summer vacation trips to Trout Lake - Pop's car and anyone who could fit along with the playpen strapped to the outside.

At trout lake - sliding down a giant sawdust pile; swimming in the lake to get the sawdust off; fetching water from the frog filled well; canasta by kerosene light.

Driving to Thatcher Park with Brother John while singing ("Patsy O re O re I - working on the railroad) and "The Deacon went down to the cellar to pray...") ; later, catching newts in a stream while hiking.

Evening visits with Pop and Gram would include the Rosary by radio before Pop would return to working on the bills, one step at a time.

Much later, while going to Siena and doing field work at St Anne's, Gram would have lunch for me during brief stop in visits.

Wonderful memories -  Bob B

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