Mom and Dad probably don't know about this one, but....they were away on vacation (I think maybe to the Cape) and Mom left her 1953 Baby Blue Chrysler in the garage.  I knew where the keys were and I decided to take it for a little ride around the parking lot at St. Pius.  Then I got scared that Mom would know how many miles were on the odometer so I drove the car around the lot backwards to make the meter go backwards (which it did).  Everything went fine until the Colonie police arrived... they didn't bother to ask for the license I didn't own.


One day I went to the office with Dad.  It was a Saturday and after doing our work we had lunch at Panetta's on Broadway in Menands which was right next to the Farmer's Market.   Dad proceeded to buy a goat, put it in the car (which immediately became covered with goat hair.  We got home to 3 Lincoln Avenue to be met by Aunt Molly and her dog Skippy barking and Gramma Bylancik  wearing her dust cap and I think she was barking to Dad also...something about there is not enough room in this house for that goat and me...and that was the end of the old goat.  Henry, the garbage man, won him about 15 minutes later.

I have a vague memory of being out in the woods with Dad and Uncle Gus Traeger cutting firewood.  Dad - what did we ever do with that firewood?

I remember when Pop and Gramma Bylancik first got a TV.  Pop would watch wrestling on Saturday nights upstairs (I think that was all he ever watch on TV).  Mom and Dad would turn down the sound on their TV downstairs and listen to Pop cheering the TV wrestlers on the upstairs TV.

I remember going to Pine Lake on vacations.  We stayed at Pine Lake Lodge.  They had a small amusement park there.

Moving to 13 Crumitie Road was a great happening.  We switched schools.  Pat & Dick to St. Pius and me to Vincentian Institute.

I remember Dad had George Brown install Santa and his 8 reindeer plus Rudolph on the roof of the house.  He painted them all iridescent colors that glowed when the black-lights went on and it appeared as though they were flying.  Thanks Dad...great memory!

Here is one of my favorites...I must remind our County Executive of this one!

One summer day (about 1957-58) Jimmy and I were out in Mrs. Damon's field behind the house.  We were smoking cigarettes and started a fire in the  pine needles.  It got out of control and we ran back home.  Mom was sitting in Bania's backyard with Rita.  I ran over very nervously and told her there was a fire back there and she said "go call the fire department" and I said "No way am I calling...they'll think I started it!"

Mom would send us to our room if we misbehaved and I may not be the only one with this type of memory.  On more than one occasion when sent to my room, I immediately climbed out of the window and went to Coyne's house.  One day when I had done this, Mrs. Coyne looked out her back window and saw me playing football with Jimmy.  She called Mom and said "Ruth, would you mind if Jackie  stayed for dinner?"  Mom said I was in my room and Mrs. Coyne said it looked an awful lot like me out in her backyard.  Foiled again!

Mom used to make hair ribbons for May Ann out of yard.. we were reprimanded regularly for calling her "Spaghetti head".

The annual trips to Catskill Game Farm will always be remember fondly...feeding the animals Rye Crisp we would sneak in so we wouldn't have to buy it from the machines.   We used to give the monkeys lipstick and a mirror and watch them put on a cosmetic show.

Central Park in Schenectady..the picnics at Brookview with the McCaffery's...Dad taking us sleigh riding...Hikes with Brother John...visiting Sister Andrew on Visiting Sunday...singing at the piano in Gram's alcove...the Darrow's and Lockrow's at Christmas...Freddie Baggett on Election Day...the sweet aroma of Pop's pipe...Gram's dusting cap and rag covered dustmop.

Writing this has awakened memories and many more than I have written.  I'll send along some additional ones later.  Thanks for the wonderful memories.

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