-Going out on a date all dressed up in my new mini skirt and Dad asking “Where’s the other half?”

-Being Dad’s favorite daughter

-The goat at Catskill Game farm that ate the bottom of my dress

-Mom giving monkeys lipstick and gum -How Dad bit his tongue whenever he gave a spanking

-Mom’s special parking spot at the grocery store.. in the fire lane right outside the door

-Once Don told me lobsters screamed when you cooked them. Mom and I were outside….Don cooked the lobsters and they screamed. It sounded just like a lobster scream and I believed him

-Polishing the hardwood floors -The Hinkle’s who lived next door

-When Mom lost her teeth we all had to look through the whole house for them… including the garbage -Our car named “Rattle trap”

-The time Jack threw the belt in the oven and it was on. “What smells??”

-Being almost to New Jersey every year and Mom would say “one more word out of you and we’re turning around and going home!”

-All of Mom’s beautiful gardens -Dad taking me to the thoroughbred track for the first time. Candystriper raced, a grey horse and I picked it to win and it did.

-Mom fixing our hair with her spit -Orchids from Dad every Easter

-The pink potty and the roadside dumps -Dad playing baseball with the boys in the front yard


“You’re in for the weekend!”


- Gramma made me a grey leather coat with a beaver collar. I hated it and cried all the way to school

-Ruth was born…. I had to quit dancing

-Don was born… I wanted a sister. Fr. Kirwin came into my classroom and announced I had a new brother. I ran out of the room screaming “No… I don’t want a brother!... I have a sister! I was very mad

-Mom was in the hospital having Don and Dad made lunch. Mom’s cold, thickened bean soup on bread with ketchup and lettuce. I haven’t eaten lettuce since!

-I caught a mole and it bit me, but I wouldn't let Mom take me to the hospital

-We moved to a “Ranch” that wasn't a ranch….it didn't have a fence or a horse for me!

-Tom, Jerry and I were playing school in the cellar. They wouldn't listen so I slammed my hand down on the desk and jabbed the point of the pencil into my hand. I wouldn't let Mom take me to the hospital then either and the lead is still in my hand.

-Charlie left for work without me and I cried until he came back and got me

- Mom cut or permed my hair -When Mom was done cutting my hair because I looked like I had a disease on my head

- I was older I was helping set out the Christmas gifts for the kids. I asked for one thing… a record player, and it wasn't there. I went to my room and cried. When I woke up it was there. either it was in Dad’s car or he went out very early to buy one!


Mom’s Favorite sayings:

~ “Dad’s mad” ~ “Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph”

~”I work my fingers to the bone for you kids”

~”Stupid Jackass Mother” ~”I want you to be in this house by 5:00”

~”No one leaves this kitchen until all the dishes are done”

~”Who left the wet towels in the bathroom?”

I have special memories of:

-Horseback riding -Going to get fresh corn and vegetables at Krugs

-Going to New Jersey every year

-Girl Scouts -Nancy Drew books

-The New Years cruise Charlie and Dot brought me on to the Bahamas

-My coffee can bank in Dot and Charlie’s pantry

-My high school proms and how I had to always go and show Dot and Charlie how beautiful I    looked

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