MEMORIES - PL. THE POWER, ACT OR PROCESS OF RECALLING TO MIND PAST EXPERIENCES... Webster left out the words love,enjoyment and fun when it comes to recalling to mind past experiences of McGrath life.

I have pondered the millions of moments from the past looking for a threat to tie them all together.  The phrase which seems to intertwine and connect all my thoughts is the phrase..."We 're going to have a baby!".

The first time Jackie heard that phrase he probably didn't realize the unique experience he was about to encounter.  A baby brother who would not only become a "Banana Junkie", but Gramma Bylancik's favorite and some would say "daddy's favorite" (eat your heart out everybody!).  I'll let Jack tell you the rest of his memories.  Let me go to the first time I heard the phrase "We're going to have a baby!".

I don't really recall too much of the first time Richard Thomas was with us and will always be the closest physical being to me... since he was only 14 months my junior.  Watching TV from under the large dining room table, sharing Pop's lap on Sunday mornings, listening to "Prince Valiant", "Blondie" and the rest of the comics.  Gramma's waffles for Sunday breakfast, the occasional visits from Brother John and Sister Andrew, burning the trash, the thunder of coal being dumped down the shoot, the Freihoffer horses and Aunt Rose.  But Dick and I were not as lucky as Jackie... he had a duck!  Dick, I just heard Mom tell Aunt Pat "We're going to have a baby!".

This one is different Dick!  They put the diaper on backwards!  They call her Mary Ann and all she does is dance around all day with everyone says how cute she is...especially Mr. Lockrow.  He comes over with Dott and his big cigar and makes such a fuss over her.  But boy does he have nice big cars!  Everyone is getting ready to go the History and Art Building to see Mary Ann in her pink "tutu".  Mary Ann and I hard Uncle George and Pop talking today.  Uncle George was upset because he had to change his dog's name to "Skippy".  Can anyone remember why?  What did he used to call his dog?  You're lucky you didn't get poison ivy Mary Ann, Dick and I got it and Dr. Schuyler gave us big shots in our rear ends and they hurt!  Pick up your memories from there Mare, I just heard Gramma, Aunt Helen Feiden, Vera and Mommy talking..."We're going to have a baby!"

Hi Tom...You're really fat, but it's good to have another brother.. hope Mom remembers to turn the diaper around.  Gram always stays with us when Mom goes to the hospital.  Did you know she dries her paper towels?  Wanna go out in the yard Tom?  We have real fun out there.  You should have seen the snowman Dad made two years ago.   It was real high and we used Gram's burning pail to make his hat.  When Dad put it on his head it came out black... it was great!  The next summer Dad bought us a goat down in Menands.  Everyone loved him 'til he ate Gramma's flowers.  I don't know where he is now.  I'd like to spend a little more time talking with you Tom, but you'll have to tell your own memories.  Dad just got in from Cooperstown and I heard Mom tell him "We're going  to have a baby!"

Hi Jerry!  Dad is in the movie business and he must watch the cartoons with Mr. Darrow when they are working.  Who else would name a boy "Jerry" after just having a "Tom"?  I heard Aunt Molly say there is a bit of the Blarney in you.  I hope it doesn't make you sick or anything.  I broke my arm today... it really hurt, but I cried a lot and got what I wanted.  I don't know why Gramma keeps saying you're a "Little Divil" Jerry, we think you are neat.  Jack, Dick and I haven't been in trouble since you started crawling!  It's been nice chatting with you Jer, but Mom was just talking to Mim, Margy and Mrs. D. and "We're going to have a baby!"

Turn the diapers around!!  Hi thing about you is that we're getting a new house with a baseball field in the front yard and a forest in the back and a gym in the cellar with a pool table and cave.  I guess you were worth it.  Many new memories seemed to have started at the same time you game along, Ruth.  Fr. Milasek, St. Pius, the "Laponto Crusaders", and school bus rides to VI were just a few.

Remember right after we moved in Ruth and Mr. Mulhern came in with those big bright lights and we all had to do dumb stuff so he could get action were pretty small.. all you did was throw up!  It was nice when we first moved in.  We had that huge empty field across the street and a barn in the back of Frederick's house.  Mr. Sawolsky was in to finish some work on the house, Mom said it was just in time 'cause "We're going to have a baby!"

Hi Don!  I don't think Mom will ever remember which was to put your diaper on.  I'll remind her.  Things are busy as ever around here.   Jack drives up and down the driveway all Friday night when Mom and Dad go to Aunt Mary and Uncle Ed's house.  Sometimes Aunt Betty babysits...then we can't do nothin'!  She likes to stay here whenever she can.  She must be practicing the alphabet 'cause she says Uncle Johnny is over "C's" and she lives at the "Y".  I like it better when Uncle Ed and Aunt Mary come here on Friday nights.   Sometimes Dad gets pizza and we watch Friday Night TV Fights.  We'll Don,  I'll let you tell the rest of your Crumitie Road memories, I just heard Mom and Dad tell Father Kirwin that "We're going to have a baby!"

Hi Jean!   I'm old enough to babysit for you.  I just wish I could remember which way the diaper goes! Taking you for walks gets us a chance to meet Mrs. Dwight and Har-veee, Mr. and Mrs. Cross & Locker, The Hinkels, Fredericks, Buchakjians, DiStephanos and Father Douglas.  Mom met Mrs. Buff in church today.  She said something about "catching up".  It can only mean...."We're going to have a baby!"

Hi Joan!  My thought of you today is a wish that I could have been a home a little longer when you, Jean and Don were growing up.  But, CYO, school and the Air Force took up so much time that I'll have to read your memories to get caught up.

I'd like to finish my memories with the one which is most important to me.  That is the memory of the love, the happiness and the oneness that wraps the ten of us with you, Mom and Dad.  Lucky for us that today it continues  to be not only a memory, but a living , loving family guided by both of you as it has been thought my 40 years of memories.  I love you all!

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